Who can I contact ...?

... when I find a bird that is hurt?
... when I find a chick?
... when I find a ringed bird?
... when I find a pigeon?

... to buy a new binoculars?
... to purchasing a good bird-book?

... when I want to know the weather the next few days?
... when I am looking for good bird habitats?
... to listen to the birds singing on the web?

... to watch birds in Denmark?
... to watch birds in other countries?
... to get to know other ornithological associations' websites?
... to get to know other natureoriented associations in NW Skåne?

... to view birdpictures from other members of KOF?

... to be a member of KOF?
... to notify change of address to KOF?

Injured birds, chicks and nesting boxies
On SkOF's (Skåne ornithological association) website provides great information about found birds and nesting boxies:

KFV (Katastrofhjälp – Fåglar och Vilt) you can contact if you have questions about oiled bird.

Svenska Brevduveföbundet has information on what you can do if you see a pigeon that came out wrong.

Ringed birds
Have you found a ringed bird contact Ringmäkningscentralen

European colour-ring Birding has lots of information about color ringed birds.

To buy binoculars and books
Used hand and spotting scopes, you sometimes can find on our Forums - here you also can self-advertise that you want to buy.

The following firms are selling binoculars in all price ranges and has a large assortment of books and other bird stuff:
 Naturbokhandeln - SOFs business on Öland
 Getteröns naturcentrum
 Hegethorns Foto in Nässjö
 Naturbutikken - DOFs business in Köpenhamn

On our weather sites you find links to many websites with information about the weather.

Places to watch the birds
Description and info about bird habitats within KOFs area you find here.

Skåne Ornithological Society sells Skånsk skådarguide which is a very good book to have when traveling in the Skåne countryside.

Listen to birds on the Internet
On the Internet there are several webbsites where you can listen to and learn more about birdsong.
 Birdsong in northwestt - KOFs own page with recordings from the NW Skåne.
 P2-birds - Swedish Radio pause birds in new presentation
 fågelsång.se - recordings that also works on mobile phones.
 xeno-canto - international projects with more than 140,000 recordings

Birdwatching in Denmark
20 minute ferry ride takes you to Denmark, where there are many nice bird sites to visit.
 Danish ornithological Association
 DOFbasen - Danmarks equivalent to Svalan
 Birdsites in Denmark
 DOF Nordsjälland
 Gilbjerg Bird Observatory - our nearest Bird Observatory
 Rörvig Bird Observatory

Bird travels
Bird travels far away from Skane...:
 DOF Travel

Other bird associations
 Skånes ornithological Association
 Swedish ornithological Association - Birdlife Sverige
 Falsterbo Bird Observatory
 Reporting systemt Artportalen
 Rapphönan - National network for girls who watch bird.
 Club 300
 Ringsjöbygdens fågelskådare
 Kungsfiskarprojektet i Rönneå

Other natural associations in NW Skåne
 Bjäre Naturskyddsförening
 Helsingborgstraktens Naturskyddsförening
 Kullabygdens Naturskyddsförening
 Naturskyddsföreningen i Ängelholm
 Örkelljunga Naturskyddsförening
 Studiefrämjandet i Västra Skåne
 Hallands Väderö
 Club100 - site of northwest Skåne of snakes, frogs, toads, etc.

Members' own websites
Several of the association talented photographers display their photos on their own websites:
 Peter Bjurenståls fotosidor
 Anders Henrikssons fotosidor
 Mårten Müllers fotosidor
 Lars Nilssons fotosidor
 Affe Peterssons fotosidor
 Johan Stenlunds fotosidor
 Ronny Svensson fotosidor
 Ulf Ståhles fotosidor
 Thomas Wallins fotosidor

Questions about the association
Do you have questions about KOFs activities, please contact any of the board or send an email to info(a)kof.nu

If you want ro become a member of KOF here or contact any of the board.

Have you changed address, please notify this to the KOF by sending an email to info(a)kof.nu or write to
KOF c/o Tobias Christoffersson
Skeppsvägen 3, SE-262 94 Ängelholm, Sweden

You can also contact KOF here:

Do you have suggestions for other good links that members of KOFs would benefit from? Let us know!

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