Information - the breeding season 2007

We are sorry to say but this year was not so successful.

The breeding season started well but later on we met some difficulties. The same couple – Råger and Kornelia - as before and it looked good at the beginning. Of course no eggs of there own as we more or less expected. Two hen eggs were placed in the box on May 4. A week later the eggs were gone. What happened? We fixed another two eggs and one disappeared. But the birds began to brood again.

Now we had to wait for chicks from the Swedish Peregrine project. But the project also ran into trouble. There breeding birds started late to nest and they didn´t get so many clutches and chicks.

Later on our birds didn´t show the same interest to sitt on the egg. We had some discussions to stop this year but we got the chance on June 17 to get a chick. We changed egg too chick an waited… and waited and … for nearly 5 hours we waited. But the falcons didn´t show up in the nest box. They were only present in the neighbourhood. The chick was alone and it was raining all the time and it didn´t get any food. So we decided to interrupt because of the health of the chick.

In late July Råger and Kornelia are still around the nest box and as you perhaps can see they show up in the webcam now and then.

Another disappointment at the beginning of 2007 was Axel, the malechick from breeding season 2004, who was found dead on March 30, near Malmö in the southern part of Sweden. It´s just about 90 km south of the places he was brought up. We don´t know the reason of his death. Here the news in Swedish and some pictures of the bird.

Pictures and information (in Swedish) from 2007!

Pictutes an information from previous breeding seasons see above.


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