Information - the breeding season 2012

January 1 - Happy New Falcons!

Plus 4 degrees celsius and grey and dull "Skånskt winter" is perhaps not the start you want for the new year. However, there is not much to choose. We now look forward to a new good season.

February 19 - "Light," a premonition of spring?!

Our Falcons have been unusually timid this winter and not shown on camera. I have also made several visits to the harbor but no luck to see any of the birds. Maybe it's just "spring" to "tease" the Falcons? It is soon time for the first nesting chores. The other day there was finally a picture from the webcam. Not in the best light but still ...

At the beginning of last week I got a call. A young peregrine falcon was found. No visible damage, but it did not fly. The bird was found in the region and was submitted to "Your veterinarian" for care and rehab. When you get calls about peregrine falcons that are found and cared, is often one of the first issues of the bird is ringed or not. In this case it was not so.

17 March - "when I cleaning "windows"

Now we got a better picture. Bengt (at Lantmännen) have been up at high altitude and polished the glasscover on camera. Suffice with strong NW wind to saltpray the lins of the camera.

Råger and Linnea are in place and everything is the same. Perhaps we get the first egg in the box within a month?

March 29 - the first egg!

As our visitors noticed in the guestbook today, the first eggs is laid by Linnea. 14 days earlier than the 2011th. Now it will be very interesting to follow the developments.

Over Scania currently a "hot area" for Peregrine falcons and the positive developments taking place for the species. At least three couples have already begun their breedong.

The couple at Kullaberg also added her first egg in days. New for this year is that we now have the opportunity to also follow the couple on Kullaberg through a webcam. At first only via connection to Natureroom at the Kullen lighthouse, but hopefully we'll be able to link the camera directly later. Until further notice, we add pictures manually on the page.

If you however want to have more moving images, you can follow a couple of Kristianstad "Vattenrike". When I looked into the falcons there tonight, I could note that there already were three eggs in the nest. They should therefore reasonably have laid their first eggs already around March 25.

As anyone can imagine, we are moving towards a season that can be really, really exciting to follow.

April 1 - Egg number 2!

The egglaying is progressing and egg number 2 is now in the nest. Photos - Dick in Östersund vigilant caught - in the gallery. Agree with me, the weather can be a bit worrying. The night gave in any case not below freezing despite clear weather. Hopefully it should be fine.

April 5 - now the three eggs!

April 3, Linnea was laying the third egg. Will there be another one? Replies will be maybe today or tomorrow!

Another webcam is running. A wellknown pair is the subject of this activity. You can see Peregrine in Falkenberg at this webbadress.

April 11 - full litter and incubation

April 6 came the fourth egg and now incubation under way. The couple help eachother. Some images in the gallery shows the stage of this.

It will be exciting to follow the trend, not only for the couple in Helsingborg, but also for the other two pairs Scanian that we can follow on the web. Each pair of "4-egg-litter".

April 14 - full litter

In the gallery thera are some new pictures from our "four-eggs". The birds are now otherwise steady and brooding, and it is only brief moments that the eggs are "open".

From Anita in Holland we got a couple links to webcams on peregrine falcons in Holland . Please look into.

May 6 - Hatching

Here we go! The first egg hatched tonight and a small white "ball" is now in box and more will come in the future?

Attentive as always Dick succeed immortalize the moment and images in the gallery.

May 11 - 3 healthy "kids"

First of all a big thanks to all (Lillemor, Tina, Dick and "Ego in Gothenburg") covering the webcam so diligently and sends the images of what's happening in nestbox.

What I can see from the pictures it seems that the fourth egg have disappeared for some reason. But you can probably also say that it is rare for a full litter (in this case four eggs) hatch was successful. The rule is one, sometimes two eggs are "bad apples".

Good with food, and that the old birds will keep kids warm are the success factors needed.

May 13 - what would I do ...

... without all those watchful eyes and helping?! Frequent monitoring and so you can find the fourth kid. So, forget my notes from May 11 Beautiful and new images are now in place, Dick, thank you!

Now, hard work for the falcon parents, with hunting and feeding to get the four kids on wings.

24 May - "the gang of four"

Here we have "the gang of four" with the three females primarily, photo Chris Strid.

Full pot! Four healthy and prosperous cubs - one male and three females - were today its rings around the legs.

Falconproject staff - with Tommy Järås on the tip - was on ringingtour in Scanian To assist personnel were also at the place of Lantmännen. Everything ran smoothly as usual and the whole ringingprocess took about 30 minutes to complete.

The female, Linnea, seemed to accept it all and sat calmly on top of silon. However the maöe complained some more and flew around and kept a watchful eye. You think he should be used to it by now ... but that OK!

The female Linnea on the silo. You can see that the plumage is badly worn after all brooding, photo Christer Strid.

The yearmark of the rings are a big purple ring with white code on the left leg and a traditional aluminum ring on the right leg.

We will not deviate from our habits to give kids names and to try to elaborate on the previous year's theme becomes the name Hampus, Hampa, Havra and Veta.

Hampa, with the ring LA and 90A95243, photo Christer Strid.

Leif K holds up Havra (who have not yet received the ring LB respectively 90A95245), photo Christer Strid.

Veta, ring LC respectively 90A95246, photo Christer Strid.

Hampus, with ring AS respectively 90A95244, photo Christer Strid.

Tommy J is considering one of the kids and below the floor Hampa sits and observes complainant what is going on, Photo Christer Strid.

Hampa, alone no friends? foto Christer Strid.

June 13 - Progress - the Falcons in the harbor

Unfortunately, we still have operational problems with the camera and what the cause is as yet unknown. The fact that we only link the image to our site, we have not the same opportunities to troubleshoot. However, we hope for a solution in the near future.

While visiting the harbor yesterday, I noted that the young ones were now on the wings and moved already a bit homely round silobuildings. Everything looked very positive and they both parents sat and watched the surroundings while they "fix" their plumage.

Linnea adjusting her plumage, photo Christer Strid.

Råger taje care of the coverage, photo Christer Strid.

Two juveniles. Could it be Hampus (male), right, along with one of the females?, photo Christer Strid.

July 23 - visit to the harbor

Today's visit to the harbor gave "zero profit" in terms of sightings of peregrine falcons. In itself, it did not surprised me. Often they can keep themselves well hidden this time of the season and often they also go to "ramble".

Still problems with communication with the camera, although on some occasions, the last day worked well. A new picture in the gallery - a late night scene - a falcon which is probably Råger.

November 2 - new report

There has been very little information from couple in recent months. Mostly because we did not have much new to tell.

We have seen the old falcons now and rhen when we were visiting.

But the other day Leif Klintroth reported he intro a new male who hung around nestingbox and that the bird felt a little like "a home boy on the spot." The individual - an old bird - was color marked, on the left leg with a large red circle and on the right leg a little blue, a color combination that is used in marking the 2010th. Though Leif could not read the rings due to poor lighting conditions.

During the visit there were no other falcons so there remains a lot of questions to answer. Is the old couple left? Have the old male disappeared / died and been "replaced" and so on. We will be back.

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