Information - the breeding season 2016

January 1 - new year and a new breedingseason

Happy new year! The first day of the year there are no new information at the present.

January 3 - problem with the webcamera!

No new information about our falcons and this is mostly because there has not been anything new to tell. The birds are in place and although we have not been able to check the rings it is very likely that the same birds as before.

Since mid-January, we have also had problems with the communicatorsystem, hence no image from the camera. We located the problem to the network adapter and this should be changed.

February 28 - back on line

Back on line and and the webcamera is running.

For one of the birds we have been able to read the rings. It is our well-known female, Linnea, which in recent years breeding on the location. Remains to be seen if the old Råger is steel going strong.

The nestbox is ready. Everything looks good for the future breeding. Maybe we can see a the first egg in month or so?

A picture on Linnéa, March 20

March 27 - Eggs for Easter!

Eggs for Easter is usually a tradition for many. Our Falcons seem to be on the same line and just in time for Easter Eve the first egg came. This is one week earlier than the last season, 2015.

Linnéa with the first egg

Another picture of Linnéa and the egg

Leif K has seen that it is the old male - A2 Råger - that is yet the falconfather. With his 16 years, it is now wonder how good fertility is? Yes, it remains to be seen.

March 29 - No two eggs

Yesterday another egg were added and we can certainly expect further one or two eggs for the next few days.<7p>

A somewhat puzzling behavior I noticed today. I felt as if the female was trying to feed the eggs?! That the old birds communicate with eggs in the hatching stage is not so unusual, but this was something new.

Linnéa with the second egg.

April 3 - four eggs in the nest

Just about a week earlier than in 2015, we got four eggs in the nest box. The hedge in progress according to plan and now begins the long period for the birds to incubate the eggs. Hatching should reasonably take place in late April or in the beginning of May.

Linnéa inspecting the eggs

May 12 - everything is not allright!?

The Falcons continue to incubating the eggs but it should not be so. The eggs should be hatched now.

What could have happened? Are the eggs not fertilized? Can it be that the male - Råger - become too old? Could the weather have played a role. It have been really cold, several degrees below zero, in the early beginning of the incubation. Questions but no answers.

I have seen three speckled brown eggs and one that has a more off-white tone. The latter is a bit strange. What´s the reason? The status of the eggs can not be judge without collecting them.

Linnea inspects eggs, three brown and one white.

What happens now? There are some possible scenarios. One alternative is that we let nature take its course.

Another option (as we did with the first mating couple, Kornelia and Råger) is that we are trying to put up some chicks. We are investigating whether this could be possible. But there are many factors that must work out together.

No eggs hatched.

May 20 - young one in the nest

"Hey, I came just from Nordens Ark" (photo: Christer Strid).

The eggs didn´t hatched, despite the falcons "went over time" with almost 14 days. A analys of the eggs might give us some clue as to what might be the cause.

A call yesterday from Nordens Ark was the solution. An "odd" falconchick was available for the release of our falcons. So it had to be.

This afternoon, Dick and Linda (from Nordens Ark) came to Helsingborg with the young one. A quick change - about 15 minutes altogether - and the chick was accepted by the fosterparents.

Lot of food is good for the upcoming adventure (photo: Christer Strid).

Alone and abandoned little?

Some quick flyovers to check the location (photo: Christer Strid).

"What is hiding in the corner?"

The kid is probably a male, but there is some uncertainty, so we'll wait for the progress. All became so quickly decided, no ringing was possible, but it may be a later question.

Always surprised how smoothly it goes! Although it was not the first time that we "help" the falcons, it is equally fascinating every time. Changing from eggs to a chick who maybe 10 days old. The old falcons make any sweeping approaches the nest box to check the situation and so into the box and begin a new stage in the breeding process.

Save under the wings.

The kid looks forward to a lot of food.

Råger and the young one.

Now we hope it all continues in the same positive direction.

May 28 - everything works out well

Here a photomontage of family, the kid, Linnea and Råger.

Everything has been excellent and the adoption has gone fantastically smooth. Soon it is time for the ringing and then we will also be able to ascertain whether the chick is male.

May 29 - ringed

Dura - whit new rings - in the arms of Dick (photo: Björn Ekelund).

May 29th is a good day for ringing. The same one year ago. And just like last year it was Dick from Nordens Ark, which dealt with the falconchick attached the two rings around the legs.

It should be the right size of the ring (photo: Björn Ekelund).

The questions concerning the kid's gender, proved to be justified. The did - now 20 days old - is a female and not a male as we thought a week ago. The kid has been named Dura (from the durum wheat).

It weighs 770 grams today and is now growing rapidly day by day. Already we can see and the parts of the primaries that are coming out.

The weight of today is 770 grams (photo: Björn Ekelund).

And feathers (primaries) are already on the way to grow out (photo: Björn Ekelund).

June 8 - Dura one month old

Dura - "flight training".

Dura grows every day and you can see her already flapping the wings. 10-12 days and then it's time to embark on unsafe wings.


June 12 - "Bull's Eye"

Right on target!

Dura has managed to tick the lins on the camera perfectly. Not much to do about it. We refrain from cleaning the camera cover until the young are ready to fly. We have to put safety first in this case.

June 15 - Out on a journey of discovery

Dura on the run (photo: Markus Falk)

Someone - Dura - is out exploring.

I have cleaned the camera now, when she return we should be able to see Dura and the other falcons better.

- Markus Falk / Lantmännen -

June 20 - Stowaways on the way to Antwerp

Stowaways on shiphatch number four (Photo: Claes Nilsson)

Dura, our little falcon was on the run on Friday (June 17). When we arrived in the morning she sat in the bow of a ship, soak in the feathers and seagulls flew furiously around her. With our present the seagulls disappeared.

Just before the ship was fully loaded, I went on board again to see if our falcon still was there on the deck. And yes indeed she sat there sunbathing.

The ship would sail against Antwerp in the afternoon so I had to gently counter falcon down from the deck on to the solid ground. The Falcon could just fly but more or less without control of the steering. But she managed to land safely, courted by screaming gulls.

The Falcon sought out protection and after an hour I saw the parents feed her again and security appeared.

- Claes Nilsson / Lantmännen -

July 1 - The runaway

Dura, falcon chick, is rarely seen in the camera lights. Anneli T managed to catch the falcon on the image June 28 at one of the rare visits.

Dura again in the nest box .

However, we see quite often Linnea visiting and she seem to have pretty much "concern" with nest and digging and adjusts stones.

Linnea on the edge of the nest .

A photomontage of mother and daughter.

Mother and daughter.

August 15 - progress report

No falcon when I visit the site. Last time I managed to "caught" Dura was August 8.

Dura stuffed with food.

In general it´s Linnea, the female, seen on the site, rarely Råger.

Linnea makes manicure.

October 21 - report on the situation

Sparingly visits. As a rule, it´s only the female that appears on the image. It was a long time ago Råger been in the picture.

Linnea examines the nesting box.

November 9 - the couple on the spot!

A few days ago we were visited by both the male and the female in the nest box, which otherwise is quite rare at this time of year. Could state that Råger is "still going strong".

I was privileged to follow them a good while, which was very interesting. Judging by their behavior they "strengthen ties" and to ensure that the nesting box was in good standard for the next breeding season. When Råger well set off seemed Linnea complain loudly and cast long glances after him.

Together in the nest box.

Råger moving.

Linnéa remains in the nest box.

"Where did you go?!!".


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